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The Path to a Successful Project: 6 Key Steps


What makes or breaks the success of a custom project is the attention given to the verification of approval drawings on site.

Approval drawings provide complete dimensioned details of your order. Please study them carefully and verify the measurements against site conditions. If necessary, you can note any changes directly on the drawing. Sign and return one copy to the engineer who worked on your project.

Important: the customer and/or end user is responsible for all final dimensions and specifications. This includes all safety codes and building regulations. ***Please contact Cogan if you are applying for a permit or if you require a slab verification.***


Once we receive the signed approval drawings, your order will be scheduled for production and you will be advised of the expected delivery date. Please do not provide your customer with a delivery date until you receive one from us.

Production times will vary based on the size and complexity of your order. Our delivery estimates are usually highly accurate and we do everything we can to honor them. However, extenuating circumtances do happen. Cogan cannot be held responsible for delivery delays that are due to sudden changes in supplier lead times or to any other cause beyond our reasonable control.

For an estimate of our current lead times, please refer to our How We Work page: www.cogan.com/Our-Expertise/How-We-Work/


In case of unexpected delivery delays, we recommend that you schedule your installation only after the shipment has been received and inspected. Cogan will not accept backcharges for the time installers wait for a shipment.

Cogan will always ship your order the best and most economical way. We can also provide the total weight and skid dimensions if you’d prefer to arrange your own transport. However, Cogan cannot be held responsible for any shipping damages or lost material should you choose your own carrier.

If you are not ready to receive your order by its expected delivery date, we can provide storage services for an additional fee. The material will remain the property of Cogan until fully paid.


We strongly suggest that you use a Cogan Recommended Installer to contract the installation. Cogan Recommended Intallers have previous experience working with our products and can reduce the risk of installation errors that may void our Warranty.

Cogan products are designed for ease of installation, but the drilling of some holes and the application of minor touch-up paint may be required. This is normal and considered part of the field work. For complete instructions, refer to the installation procedures on the drawings supplied with your shipment.


Cogan offers a solid product Warranty to protect your investment. If you encounter an issue with one of our products, please call 1-800-567-2642 ext. 232 or 237. We will issue a work order with a pre-approved $35/hr budget for the repairs. Do not attempt to fix the problem without Cogan authorization and an official work order. This will void our Warranty.

Please note that we will also not accept back charges for any repairs, modifications or alterations done without a Cogan work order. We are also not responsible for any damage caused by exceeding the conditions and capacity for which the product was designed.


Need a pair of expert eyes on site? We have a vast network of Manufacturer’s Representatives to support you at every stage of your project.

From initial consultation to job site measurements and installation referrals, trust a Cogan Manufacturer’s Rep to be by your side in no time. For the location nearest you, please refer to our Contact page: www.cogan.com/Contact.

Click here to download our Consumer Information and Warranty Package (PDF)

Click here to download Cogan's 1 year work and material warranty documentation (PDF)

Click here to download Cogan's Consumer information agreement (PDF)

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