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In a busy, noisy and sometimes confusing warehouse setting, it is important that your employees, visitors, and customers are able to clearly identify safe walkways at all times. Cogan pedestrian safety barriers are designed to separate pedestrian traffic from dangerous areas in your factory or warehouse. Pedestrian barriers can be used around storage areas, manufacturing equipment, moving machinery, and other potential hazards. The powder-coated bright yellow paint finish makes our pedestrian safety barriers highly visible. Your employees will immediately recognize which areas are safe and which ones are not.

Cogan pedestrian safety barriers are the easiest, fastest and most economical way to segregate pedestrian traffic. The modular design allows you to create a completely custom layout for your needs. Elbows sockets, t-sockets, side outlets and cut-to-size rails can be arranged in countless configurations to match the exact shape and size of the protected area. This also means our pedestrian safety barriers are extremely easy to repair. Damaged components can simply be removed and replaced with new ones.

Pedestrian rails are 1.9” in diameter and are available 2-rail and 3-rail options to meet OSHA safety standards. Your employees will know exactly where to go to keep your warehouse safe and running smoothly.

Important: Please consult a Cogan engineer 1-800-567-2642 to determine which type of floor anchor is needed if the barrier is being used on a mezzanine or other application where the barrier must meet a specific load capacity required by code.

Pedestrian Barriers

Provide safe work environment 3-rail and 2-rail options available.


Heavy-Duty Guardrail Crash Test Video

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Please download our guardrail specifications document.

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