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Infinitely adaptable for everyday use, Cogan wire mesh lockers are the durable, practical and multi-purpose solution for converting any space into a secure storage area. From tenant and warehouse storage to employee lockers, dormitory lockers or military and equipment lockers, Cogan has the perfect storage system to fit your needs.

All of our storage lockers boast a heavy-duty wire mesh construction that is wear-resistant and requires no maintenance. Easy assembly with simple hand tools significantly reduces installation costs, saving you time and money. When compared to dry wall, wood and other products, the open wire mesh design is the only system that ensures your property is in constant view, while allowing air to circulate and light to penetrate fully. Your valuables remain safe, in sight and in top condition.
Lockers - Safegarde Single Tier

Single Tier Tenant
Storage Lockers

The ultimate in on-site adaptability, maximize your tenant storage area with Cogan single tier tenant storage lockers.

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Lockers - Double Tier Tenant Storage Locker

Double Tier Tenant
Storage Lockers

When tenant storage is at a premium, Cogan double tier lockers make the most out of your square foot space.

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Lockers - Hanging Storage

Hanging Tenant
Storage Lockers

Solid storage off the ground, transform your parking garage into a practical storage area with Cogan hanging tenant storage lockers.

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Lockers - Sheet Metal Tenant Storage Lockers

Sheet Metal Tenant
Storage Lockers

Strong and versatile, Cogan sheet metal tenant storage lockers are ideal for any situation where private storage is required.

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Lockers - Industrial Storage Lockers

Storage Lockers

Big or small, personal or industrial, Cogan industrial storage lockers are the completely custom solution for your daily storage needs.

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Lockers - Gear Locker

TA-50 Gear

Robust, rugged and resilient, our TA-50 gear lockers are built tough keep your uniforms and equipment in top condition.

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Lockers - Bike Racks

Bike Racks

Easy-to-install and economical, our tenant bike racks allow you to store multiple bicycles safely and efficiently.

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