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Increase Floor Space


Increase your manufacturing and storage capacity fast – without incurring costly renovations or moving to a new facility – with a structural steel mezzanine. Whether you need a little or a lot more floor space, Cogan has the perfect mezzanine solution to fit your application, your timing and your budget. All Cogan mezzanines are engineered with your business in mind. Intelligently built, the modular components easily adapt to your evolving needs, providing the added value, flexibility and functionality you need in fast-changing times.

The promise of a stress-free experience is built into every Cogan mezzanine system we design. Faster than you ever imagined possible, we can build an industrial strength mezzanine around the existing layout of your facility, matching its exact height, area and load requirements.
Mezzanines - Think It


No mezzanine project is too big, too small,
or too complex. If you can think it, we can build it.

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Mezzanines - Flooring


Rugged and resilient, our mezzanine flooring systems are designed to withstand the wear and tear of industrial use.

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Mezzanines - Staircases


Superior construction means our mezzanine staircases meet even the most stringent building code requirements.

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Mezzanines - Handrails


An innovative continuous design, nothing installs faster than Cogan safety handrails. You save time and money.

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Mezzanines - Gates


Safety, efficiency and flexibility. Our mezzanine gates are easily adaptable to keep your process running smoothly.

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Mezzanines - Ladders


When you need multiple access points, Cogan platform ladders allow you to save on space without skimping on safety.

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Mezzanines - Design Load

Design Load

From start to finish, our mezzanines are custom-engineered to meet the design load requirements of your application.

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Mezzanines - Engineering packs


Whether you need basic plans or a city permit, we have the right engineering package to support your mezzanine project.

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Mezzanines - Bracing


Knee-bracing, X-bracing or structural knee-bracing, we’ll make sure you get the brace design that’s best for you.

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