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Rack posts, the most important part of any racking system, are also the most vulnerable. It only takes one damaged rack post to compromise the structural integrity of an entire racking unit. Exposed on the corners of busy aisle ends, rack posts can be easily struck by a forklift or other in-plant vehicle. Repairing damaged racking is both expensive and time-consuming. Stored materials must be removed and kept elsewhere, while the damaged components are replaced. Your operations are interrupted causing costly downtime.

Easy-to-install and economical, our rack post protectors provide just the right amount of protection around individual racking posts. The structural steel design wraps around the full circumference of the rack post to completely shield it from impact. Your racking will remain intact and your workflow productive.

Cogan rack post protectors are available in three standard sizes to accommodate a range of racking systems. Custom size are also available. All Cogan rack post protectors are sealed in a durable, powder-coated yellow paint finish for maximum visibility.

Rack Post Protector

Protect rack post from damage. Standard heights 12" , 18" , 24".
Accelerated Production Available.


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