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Total privacy or complete transparency, Cogan sheet metal and Lexan partitions offer the same trusted protection as our wire mesh enclosures, but with added versatility. Sheet metal and Lexan panels can be arranged in any combination for functional workspace that meets your exact needs. Use sheet metal and Lexan partitions to divide and secure large areas in your plant, warehouse or office building.

Sheet metal panels are made from heavy-duty corrugated steel framed in 1 ¼” x ¼” x 12GA structural angle. Lexan panels are 3/16” thick and framed in 1 ¼” x ¼” x 12GA structural angle. The incorporation of Lexan panels is ideal when additional protection or noise reduction is required, but visibility must be maintained. These highly durable, transparent sheets provide added security while still allowing for an open field of vision. Your facility will remain in clear view and your employees kept safe. Incorporate Lexan panels on the top or bottom half of your design. You can also mix and match these combinations to create an entirely custom configuration. Either way, sturdy Lexan panels are built strong to withstand the wear and tear of any industrial environment.

All Cogan sheet metal panels and Lexan structural angle frames are sealed in a grey powder-coated paint finish for maximum wear-resistance. Panels and posts are available in a range of standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available.

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From your request for quote to final installation, our goal at Cogan is to make working together so seamless, it’s effortless. Our engineers are among the finest in the business, while our experienced staff and extensive network of design consultants and authorized installers are committed to keeping you satisfied by providing the smartest, most cost-effective solutions to your specific needs.

No other team can deliver a higher level of service or support than Cogan. Our 100 years of experience mean we know what it takes to think, build and design for the long term. Family-owned and operated for four generations, customer satisfaction is more than just our goal, it’s our tradition - a tradition we’ve maintained for over a century.

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Please download our partitions specifications document.
Partition Specification document

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(DEA) Drug Storage Cages
Partitions Freestanding Up to 24' *
Partitions Freestanding *
Partitions Freestanding with roof
Bi Parting Sliding Gates *
Bi Parting Tunnel Door *
Double Swing Gates *
Dutch Door *
Service Wicket Gates *
Single Swing Gates *
Single Slide Gates *
Sliding Rack Gates *
Tunnel Door *
Rack Guards
Partitions Spring Hinges Installation Manual
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Partitions Robotic Machine Guard Installation Manual
Mobile Partitions Installation Manual


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