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Rack Aisle Protectors - Tapered Rack Pal

Tapered rack aisle protectors are available in two different models: single- and double-sided. The single-sided model is composed of a tapered angle found on either the left or right end and has (3) ¾”ø punched holes. The angle is made of L5” x 3”x ¼” thick structural steel powder coated safety yellow for maximum visibility. Both sides are used as a pair for maximum protection. The double-sided model is composed of an L5” x 3”x ¼” thick structural steel angle with two tapered sections on each side. The tapered sections are bent at an angle of 135°. The double-sided model contains (5) ¾”ø punched holes and is bolted to the concrete floor using 5/8”ø x 4 ½” wedge bolt anchors. Both models are available in the following standard lengths: 24”, 42” and 48”. Custom sizes are also available to meet specified requirements.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Rack Aisle Protectors - Tapered Rack Pal

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Please consult the table below for a complete list of dimensions.