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Rack Aisle Protectors - Wrap Around Rack Pal

Wrap around rack aisle protectors are available in two different models: the single-sided and double-sided wrap around. The single-sided wrap around is composed of a heavy steel crescent end plate which is curved and welded onto either side of a floor angle. The thick steel crescent is manufactured at a standard height of 12” and is 3/8” thick. Floor angle is manufactured of L5” x 3”x ¼” thick structural steel and is available in various lengths, which include 24”, 42”, 48” and 54”. Right and left oriented crescent must be paired together and shall be installed in such a manner. The floor angle contains ¾”ø punched holes and is bolted to the concrete ground using 5/8”ø x 4 ½” wedge bolt anchors. The double-sided wrap around is composed of two heavy steel crescents welded on both sides of the floor angle. The standard lengths are 42” and 48”. All rack aisle protectors are powder-coated safety yellow.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Rack Aisle Protectors - Wrap Around Rack Pal

Rack Pals are available with right-side, left-side or double-sided crescents.

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Please consult the table below for a complete list of dimensions.