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The shed system is an effective way of utilizing outdoor space while carefully storing material goods in a safe and efficient way. A steel deck roof provides adequate protection against snow, ice, rain and sun damage. The roof angle design allows rain to flow down easily and shields against harsh weather conditions. The system, including the column, roof arms, and rack arms, is painted Cogan. In order to account for local weather variances, Cogan cantilever roofs are always custom-manufactured for the specific system. The shed is available as an L-Shed or a T-shed. The L-Shed can be set up as a standalone single-sided column with the installation of back panels or set up flush against a wall. The T shed is a double-sided column with the roof extruding on both sides. The T-Shed is optimal for lumberyards. It allows for the easy storage of wood beams, plywood and any type of building materials. Items are clearly sorted and kept off the ground for fast access and inventory control. Protection from the elements means material will not warp or deteriorate from harsh weather conditions.

Limited Lifetime Warranty -->
Limited Lifetime Warranty


The roof deck is made of galvanized steel which is screwed onto each wood beam with waterproof #8” x 1 ¾” hex head tek screw with a rubber seal. Each roof panel must overlap the previous one and must be screwed in accordingly. The L-Shed roof may be placed flush against a wall or can have the roof steel deck extend 6” but only if back panels are installed. The back panels are supported by 2“x 4” wood beams. The shed must extrude 6” from the edge of the rack arms for the L-shed.

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