Mike Scheuermann
Southwest Materials Handling


Double Rail Guardrail System



Southwest Materials Handling is “on-line” with Amazon.com!

When Amazon.com ‘search’ for a leading Material Handling Supplier, they ‘find’ Mike Scheuermann with Southwest Materials Handling in Dallas Texas. Mike recently supplied Amazon with a Cogan double high guardrail system to create a barrier and pedestrian aisle ways to protect their personnel and shelving units from fork lift traffic in two 400,000 sq/ft facilities. Cogan has a clear design advantage with the heavy duty 5” posts and the extra fold on the top and bottom of the rail protecting personnel from metal splinters and a straight sharp edge. The premium powder-coat paint finish added to a clean and professional environment.” “We made a great first impression in exceeding the required delivery date”, the customer was very pleased with the product and service from Southwest/Cogan.

Making the grade

Amazon.com's grade on the Cogan Report Card is based on these project performance criteria.