Ron Brewer
Indoff, Memphis TN


Wire partition



Indoff comes through for Baxter Healthcare

Ron Brewer's opinion of Cogan products and service can be easily summed up: "We're very, very, very happy with them!" His client, Baxter Healthcare in Memphis, TN provides medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology supplies. They needed to protect their heavier stock behind wire cages and secure all their doors. As Brewer puts it, "They needed wire everywhere." He originally ordered from another supplier who promised him delivery and then "backed out on the date after about six weeks." Brewer was in a bind when he turned to Cogan. Brewer needed help to meet his commitment to Baxter, and Cogan came through. "We were still another month or so out, so I called y'all," Brewer goes on. "It was truckload quantities, and the turnaround was good, two or three weeks or so. The customer was so pleased with the work, they sent us a testimonial!"

Making the grade

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