Ed Stites
Warehouse 1


Frederick's Manufacturing, div. of Blount International


50' x 145' x 18' tall decked free-standing mezzanine and 50' x 178' x 18' tall decked free-standing mezzanine


6 weeks



Warehouse One's million dollar deal a winner

When long-time customer Frederick’s Manufacturing, owned by Blount International Corporation, called Warehouse 1 about a plant expansion project in Kansas City, it was a perfect storm of needs. A million dollar project had to be executed flawlessly in a very tight 4-6 week time frame and Cogan played a key role. “Together with Cogan, we were able to produce, ship and install 2 large freestanding mezzanines along with other required racks and conveyors in an unbelievable time frame requirement,” says Ed Stites, Sales Manager of Warehouse 1. “No job this size goes without its challenges; it came together and not only met the deadline, but did so with a happy customer who continues to be our customer today.”

Making the grade

Warehouse 1’s grade on the Cogan Report Card is based on these project performance criteria.