Baker Brothers
Marietta, Georgia


Morristown BMW


Custom Mezzanine



Baker Brothers drives success with BMW

When Morristown BMW approached Baker Brothers for a custom parts department in their new state of the art Auto Dealership, President Michael Baker had to put his driver’s gloves on. The challenge, was having to design a custom mezzanine to be delivered and installed before the building was even completed! “We had to work with the Architects drawings alone, not having the luxury of on-site measurements. Cogan’s hybrid design, tying structural I-beams and formed channels into one system enabled us to easily retro-fit material on-site to fit like a glove. We would not have been comfortable using any other Manufacturer.” On opening day, Baker Brothers had successfully crossed the finish line! BMW was ready to service their customers with a fully functional, two-storey parts department.

Making the grade

BMW's grade on the Cogan Report Card is based on these project performance criteria.