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2200 square foot mezzanine



Caseparts still growing with Cogan

Case Parts, a commercial refrigeration parts company, bought their first mezzanine from Cogan 4 years ago. “This last summer we added another 2200 feet to the existing 3200 foot mezzanine, says Bob Goldstein, Branch Manager of Case Parts in St. Louis, Missouri. “Of course we requested Cogan this time because we liked everything about the workmanship, professionalism and help that they were able to give us along the course of the project.” Goldstein singled out Cogan’s engineers as being top notch, understanding his needs and reacting to them quickly and efficiently every step of the way. “All of the people I talked to were genuinely professional, friendly, and never rushed me. They were always 100% in tune with what I was trying to do,” explains Goldstein. “They always kept me abreast of where the mezzanine was in production and worked with me to help me stay within our budget.” It was in Case Parts best interests to make sure the mezzanine footings lined up with their existing shelving. “Cogan’s engineers assisted us with drawings so we could get the most optimal space underneath,” states Goldstein. “At the end of the day, we didn’t lose a single shelf below. If we ever do another project we will only use Cogan.”

Making the grade

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