Wayne Neu, Indoff
Nurfreesborro TN


Mezzanine with 20-ft elevation


3 weeks from approved proofs to receipt of mezzanine



Indoff scores big with Dell

Cogan and Indoff pooled their expertise to supply Dell Computer Corporation with a complex, custom-engineered mezzanine project. Critical design and application problems were solved as the team integrated mezzanine components with the customer's unique equipment requirements. Indoff's Wayne Neu salutes our customer service: "Had it not been for the vigilance of John Lambert, this project would never have had a chance of becoming a reality. John not only received my frequent phone calls during the normal work week but also on evenings and weekends." He thanks everyone at Cogan for their "all out effort to make this project a success." The end result: Dell's mezzanine was installed flawlessly, no modifications required. It doesn't get any better than that!

Making the grade

Indoff's grade on the Cogan Report Card is based on these project performance criteria.