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Allen Peterson
Indoff, Pensacola, FL





Indoff creates open spaces for Harley Davidson

When Harley Davidson called Indoff they had a serious space problem, they needed to create a working area for additional mechanics to assemble motorcycles for a growing demand. The solution, was to create increased floor space using Cogan Mezzanines. Indoff’s Allen Petersen, Pensacola, Florida, sold and installed the product: “We simply moved all inventory up onto the mezzanines and created functional assembly stations underneath.” The customer decided to change the location of the loading area after the Mezzanine was installed which meant, changing the location of the sliding gate. “Cogan’s install-friendly handrail design coupled with our installation expertise enabled us to move the sliding gate without having to order any extra parts or increase the cost.” The customer was very happy with the outcome; both Harley Davidson and their clients are taking advantage of new open spaces!

Making the grade

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