Kathy Lindberg


1504 sq. ft. mezzanine 94' x 16' x 13'9"



Global's tenacity gets the job done

Kathy Lindberg solves a lot of problems in her job as one of Global’s top representatives, but a new contact at her Lockheed Martin account presented a whole new set of challenges. After many conference calls, changing specifications and even preliminary drawings, Lindberg’s client informed her he was going to turn the project over to his contractor. “I was shocked,” remembers Lindberg. “I know that he had a comfort level with his contractor but it would have increased Lockheed’s cost and wasted 3 weeks of hard work to meet his very specific and technical demands. He didn’t understand that we were providing the same turn-key service at a lower price than his contractor would.” Cogan worked closely with Lindberg through the quoting process and even obtained special permission from Global head office in New York to speak directly with the client. “Demetre Diavatopoulos at Cogan backed me up through several conference calls and helped me to get the business. And despite all the delays in getting the project started, Cogan hit the delivery date as promised. I needed a magician and Cogan performed miracles.”

Making the grade

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