Mike Burskey
Shelving+Rack Supply Inc.


Over 6300 linear foot of guardrail


4 weeks, start to finish



Shelving+Rack Supply drives it home

Shelving+Rack Supply's President Mike Burskey describes this project as "one of the biggest we've ever worked on." His client, auto legend Mercedes-Benz, discovered they needed "a quality product very, very quickly." Having dealt with Cogan for over fifteen years, Burskey knew Cogan would make sure he met his client's timeline. His confidence was not misplaced: the entire project was realized in only four weeks. Says Burskey, "We can rely on Cogan. They do what they say they're going to do. They knew this was a hot job for us and that we don't cry wolf." What also impressed him was that there were no hidden extras; things like over-sized posts and the special anchors needed were all part of the package. These are the kinds of details that are often "left out of the fine print," he adds. Bottom line, says Burskey, is that "Cogan is a valued supplier of ours and we're looking forward to continuing our longstanding relationship." The feeling is mutual.

Making the grade