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Product Details

At Cogan, we are the mezzanine experts. With over 100 year of manufacturing experience, there is no project we haven't seen. If you can think it, we can build it.

Whether you need additional space in your warehourse, parts department, office, or retail store, there is always a good reason to install a Cogan mezzanine. Faster than you even imagined possible, we can build an industrial strength mezzanine around the existing layout of your facility, matching its exact height, area and load requirements.

Where you see clutter, we see possibilities. Put our experts to the test. We can handle any application. No mezzanine project is too big, to small, or too complex.

5 Good Reasons to Install a Cogan Mezzanine

Money Saved

Increase your warehouse capacity and your bottom line. Not only is a mezzanine much less expensive than new construction or relocation, you also benefit from a significant tax depreciation advantage.

Floor Space Maximized

When it comes to floor space, you have way more than you think. Install a Cogan mezzanine and transform unused overhead space into a profitable work or storage area.

Custom-Built for your Application

With hundreds of application possibilities, the choice is yours. Use a Cogan mezzanine to boost efficiency in your parts department, stock room, locker room, office, retail store, sports facility or on your production floor.

Best in Class Engineering

Our experienced engineers will design your mezzanine to meet the exact building code, safety regulations and seismic conditions in your area. Whether you need basic plans or a city permit, we have the right service package to support your project.

Turnkey Service across North America

From quoting to final installation, we provide fast, accurate and professional service anywhere in North America. Our team of experts and recommended installers have you covered right down the line.

Endless Possibilites...

Automobile Distribution Center Mezzanine
Automobile Distribution Center Mezzanine
Conveyor Support Mezzanine
Conveyor Support Mezzanine
Distribution Center Mezzanine
Luxury Condo Garage Mezzanine
Exhibtion Platform Mezzanine
Machine Guard Mezzanine
Micro Brewery Mezzanine
Fitness Center Mezzanine
Rock Climbing Gym Mezzanine
General Storage Mezzanine
Hardware Store Mezzanine
Retail Store Mezzanine
Indoor Sports Facility Mezzanine
Inplant Office Mezzanine
Multi Level Safety Gate Mezzanine
ResinDek Floor High Traffic Mezzanine
Auto Dealer Mezzanine with Bar Grating
Restaurant and Bar Mezzanine
Theatre Costume and Prop Storage Mezzanine
Online Distribution Center Mezzanine
Kids Fun Zone Mezzanine
Training Facility Mezzanine
online distribution centre mezzanine
retail store mezzanine
industrial catwalk mezzanine
training facility mezzanine with bar grating

Our Expertise

How we work

Browse our products, tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen. Our experienced team can handle any request.


From our factory to your front door, we’ll get your project where it needs to go safely and economically.

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With turnkey service across North America and a flawless pre-engineered system, nothing installs faster than the Cogan line of products.

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Over 100 years of experience goes into every product Cogan makes, so when we guarantee our products for life, we mean it.

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Please download our mezzanines specifications document.
Mezzanine specification document

Installation Manuals

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Mezzanines Braces Reference Guide
Staircases & Ladders
Safety Pivot Gates
Self Closing Gates
Mezzanine General Structure
Flooring - Open Bar Grating
Flooring - Open Steel Planking
Flooring - Steel Decking and Resin Board
Flooring - Concrete
Flooring - Diamond Planking
Installation Tips


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