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Municipal workers perform vital tasks that keep our cities and towns running smoothly. Routine waste disposal, sewer and aqueduct maintenance are often taken for granted, at least until something goes wrong! One missed turn of a valve can easily cause damage to systems that have been in place for years

The integration of a mezzanine allows co-work facilities to create a shared office environment as unique as the many businesses that work there. By adding a second floor within their existing building, co-work facilities can offer additional workstations, conference rooms, kitchen spaces, and communal areas. Proper training is vital to ensure maintenance workers know how to handle a range of scenarios and can react quickly to signs of trouble. Cogan training facility mezzanines allow you to create full scale models of real city infrastructures. The controlled environment means thorough simulations can be carried out without any risk of downtime. Train new employees, run emergency drills, practice routine maintenance, and test new equipment. Invest in a training facility mezzanine and prepare your workers to take on any situation.

Dealer: Federal Steel, Ltd.
Location: Montreal, QC