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The International Council Code (ICC) is a membership association dedicated to building safety, fire prevention and energy efficiency. The ICC develops the codes and standards used to construct residential and commercial buildings, including home and schools.

Established in 1994 as a non-profit organization, the ICC emerged out of the growing necessity for a single set of comprehensive and coordinated national model construction codes in the United States. Prior to 1994, the founding members of the ICC, Building Office and Code Administrators International, Inc. (BOCA), International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO), and Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc. (SBCCI) had developed three separate sets of model codes to be applied in various regions throughout the United States. Even though these regional code developments satisfied basic safety and building requirements for some time, factors such as increased population, changing weather patterns and natural disasters created the demand for a single set of construction codes. Thus, the nation’s three model groups responded by forming the International Code Council and by developing codes without regional limitations – the International Codes. Today, the International Codes or I-Codes have become the leading safety standard for commercial, residential and federal construction across the United States and around the world.

Members of the ICC are architects, engineers, builders, contractors, government officials and manufacturers committed to providing the highest level of building safety in the home, school and workplace. For Cogan, ICC membership is essential to ensuring that our products are always designed to meet the latest international building codes and safety standards. ICC members have access to an incredible selection of educational resources including expert technical assistance from ICC’s experienced support staff, the most up-to-date code news and industry developments, online training, virtual seminars, special discounts and most importantly, the opportunity to gain recognition and network with over 50,000 other ICC members. ICC members can also assist with the development of new codes, submit code change proposals as well as vote on preliminary code change proposals. It is hands-on involvement such as this that makes ICC members the most valuable, reliable and innovative contributors to the material handling industry.

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