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The City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) is responsible for preserving the safety, appearance and economic stability of the Los Angeles community through the stringent reinforcement of applicable building codes, safety standards and land use regulations. The LADBS issues building permits for all new developments in the Los Angeles area and offers a wide range of construction-related services including job site inspection, plan review, code enforcement, materials control, zoning approvals and much more.

Cogan is certified by the LADBS, meaning that all Cogan products and on-site work performed by Cogan are in accordance with the building and safety requirements of the Los Angeles Municipal Code. Partnership with the LADBS is beneficial for material handling suppliers and manufacturers as this reassures customers that they will not encounter unexpected code violations due to inadequate building materials. The LADBS is dedicated to protecting the life, health, property and general welfare of the people of Los Angeles. Voluntary partnership with the LADBS displays a resolute commitment to those same essential principles and to the continued enforcement of safe construction practices throughout Los Angeles and across the United States.

For more information on The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety and how they serve the Los Angeles community, please visit

Click here to download Cogan's LADBS Certificate (PDF)

Click here to download Cogan's LADBS 2021 Renewal Certificate (PDF)

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