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The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) is the only North American trade association dedicated solely to the advancement of independent material handling distributors and manufacturers. MHEDA represents all sectors of the material handling industry, offering industry-specific educational resources, online training opportunities and in depth financial forecasts to foster the growth of small businesses and to encourage profitability throughout the larger material handling network.

For Cogan, MHEDA provides an outstanding forum for discussing new developments and pressing issues in the material handling industry. Through online message boards, webinars and teleconferences such as MHEDA-NET, MHEDA members are instantly connected to a vast network of industry peers and a comprehensive collection of industry-specific information. MHEDA members have access to the best management workshops and online training seminars as well as insightful MHEDA literature including The MHEDA Journal, The MHEDA Connection and MHEDA Edge. MHEDA members also benefit from unparalleled visibility. Upon joining MHEDA, members receive a complimentary listing and URL link on MHEDA’s official Web site and the opportunity to gain even further exposure by attending the annual MHEDA Convention & Showcase. In today’s rapidly changing market, frequent interaction with one’s peers is essential to staying ahead of the curve. MHEDA delivers exceptional communication and networking services to their members and their customers, forging a path towards continued progression and prosperity in the material handling industry.

If you are interested in becoming a MHEDA member company and would like to learn more about the Material Handling Equipment and Distributors Association, please visit

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