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The Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) is the largest material handling & logistics trade association in the United-States, representing over 800 leading material handling & logistics providers worldwide. MHIA delivers exceptional communication services, networking and solution sourcing opportunities to its members and their customers, effectively promoting the growth and prosperity of the material handling & logistics industry on a global scale.

MHIA members include material handling and logistics equipment, systems and software manufacturers; consultants; systems integrators and simulators, as well as third party logistics providers and publishers. Already pioneers in their respective fields, MHIA members receive the additional benefit of unsurpassed industry exposure, gaining access to a vast network of new markets and premium prospects. MHIA members can attend national and international trade exhibits, join product-specific council groups and take part in exclusive MHIA conferences. Members also receive a complimentary listing and URL link on MHIA’s official Web site, quarterly economic forecasts and market trend updates, access to the MHIA Trade and Press Business Database, and much more. As a longstanding MHIA member, Cogan finds these services indispensable to remaining current with new developments in the material handling industry. Valuable networking opportunities and access to in depth market analysis means our team of engineers and sales representatives are always at the cutting-edge of industrial technologies and manufacturing techniques. MHIA members are the gold standard of the material handling & logistics industry, providing top quality products to enhance safety and productivity in the workplace.

Cogan is proud to be a member of MHIA, the most prominent material handling & logistics association in North America. For more information on the Material Handling Industry of America and the full benefits of MHIA membership, please visit

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