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Cogan is a leading manufacturer of a wide of range of quality, cost-effective storage and guarding solutions. Cogan industrial mezzanines, cantilever racks, wire mesh partitions, tenant storage lockers and guardrail barriers are all available on GSA Contract.

Through Teaming Arrangements with our GSA Contract partners, Cogan can provide a wide variety of additional products including modular office buildings, material lifts, pallet rack, industrial shelving and cabinets are preassembled exterior buildings like guardhouses and shelters.

Assembly, installation and other ancillary services to provide a complete turnkey project are also available, all on GSA Contract. For immediate assistance, contact John Lambert at TOLL FREE 800-567-2642 or fill out a quote request form by clicking the link below. Cogan product details may be viewed immediately by selecting a product type from the main menu above.

With over 100 years of experience in the material handling industry, Cogan is the only industrial manufacturer capable of providing top-quality storage and guarding solutions at the most competitive prices. Cogan has worked extensively with GSA clients and our team of highly-trained professionals is well-versed in federal procurement policies and procedures. This specialized knowledge, in addition to our material handling expertise, gives government buyers the confidence that their projects will not only be custom-engineered to their exact specifications, but also all Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) will be adhered to, assuring a smooth and uncomplicated project.

When faced with an impossible deadline, take advantage of Cogan’s premium Express Mezz and installation services to ensure that your project comes in on time and on budget. Cogan’s Express Mezz program guarantees delivery of a complete, ready-to-assemble mezzanine within just three weeks of signed approval plans. Simply send us the details of your building and additional space requirements and we will return the plans to you, showing precisely how your mezzanine will be configured, for approval within three days or less of the order being placed. If installation assistance is required, Cogan’s fleet of expert installers provides turnkey service and 24/7 customer support for an efficient, streamlined implementation process that will save on excess costs. With accelerated services such as these, our GSA clients can trust that when they purchase a Cogan product, they not only receive the best in superior quality and workmanship, but the highest level of customer care in the industry.
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